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Kirsten Marie's Website

Kirsten's new walker/gait trainer
Kirsten's Story
A day at the park - Sept 2004
Kirsten's new walker/gait trainer
Kirsten in her new wheelchair
Therapeutic Riding
Things are looking GREAT in 2004
Kirsten in Preschool
Kirsten's hands.
Kirsten and our new kitty, Occie
Kirsten having FUN!!!
Christmas Photos 2003
Kirsten's 3rd Birthday
Kirsten in 2002
Kirsten in 2001

Kirsten's new Crocodile Walker - August 2004

Kirsten just got her new walker that we have been waiting for.  She really seems to like it.  It is a lot of work but she is trying to move her feet forward.  However, she has trouble bearing weight on her legs and using her hands to hold on.  This walker comes with a sling seat.  The seat frees my hands and allows Kirsten to sit and rest her legs.  I am hoping her endurance will build up over time - hopefully sooner rather than later. (we soon discovered that this is not an appropriate gait trainer for Kirsten.  We have a different brand on order)



Not quite sure what they are doing to my head!
Me and my cousins, Edward and Melita


This frame is too large so we got the yellow one in above pictures.